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The Dragon's Wing Enigma

The Dragon's Wing Enigma: Arkana Mysteries #3 - N.S. Wikarski Top 3 things I liked about the whole book – I liked that the author provided a bit of background to the previous two books. Enough to be interested in this one and to make you buy the previous two books. Second thing I liked was Cassie character and the last thing was the explanations about ancient civilizations.

Top 3 things I liked about the main character - She is curious enough to make discoveries, gentle enough to be approachable and is still trying to fit in.

Top 3 things I liked about the setting in this book - I'm not sure how much of the ancient civilizations descriptions are based on fact but the description, build-up and overall background information on Arkana is absolutely stunning.

Did the book end the way you expected? In some ways but there are still many questions. I can't wait to read book #4.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book which did not affect my honest opinion about it.